Unusual Wedding Gift Traditions Around The World

Choosing wedding gifts in the UK is generally a matter of selecting some tableware or a toaster from the happy couple’s wish list. However, in other countries, wedding presents can be much more interesting and unusual affairs! Here’s a look at some weird and wonderful wedding offerings from around the globe.



The bridal tradition of the trousseau dates back for centuries, with some form of dowry being offered in the ancient Greek and Roman empires. However, the specifically French tradition of a trousseau (meaning to wrap in a bundle) developed during the Renaissance period of the 14th to the 17th century.

A typical trousseau would be a collection of items which have been nominally selected to be of practical use to the bride after marriage, such as bed linens, tablecloths, nightgowns, and so forth. They would often be family heirlooms or hand me downs, wrapped in a bundle or placed in a chest for ease of transport. 

However, wealthier families would use the trousseau to display their status, and the bride would show off luxury items, such as jewellery, silverware, fine china, and silk lingerie. One item that was included regardless of status was the handkerchief, which was dipped in perfume and used to mop the bride’s brow.



In Peru, wedding guests place an offering to nature, or Mother Earth, on a specially laid out cloth, as part of a tradition known as Despacho. Typical gifts include food, cacao leaves, and flowers. The cloth is then used to bundle up all the gifts as a sacred offering, and returned to the earth, usually by burial or burning.


South Korea

In South Korea, the groom traditionally presents his new mother-in-law with a pair of wild geese, to symbolise commitment. Geese are known to mate for life! This idea continues in modern Korean culture, where the groom’s family give gifts of wooden ducks to the bride’s family.

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